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Up your PYD practice!

The 4‑H PYD Academy equips 4‑H professionals with the essential knowledge and skills to plan, implement, and evaluate high-quality 4‑H programs that help youth thrive.

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Upcoming PYD Academy dates

Helping Youth Thrive through a Computer Science Lens

Apr 10

4-H PYD Virtual Academy

May 7-9

PYD Spotlight Day

Oct 14

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Helping Youth Thrive through a Computer Science Lens

Helping Youth Thrive through a Computer Science Lens
Build your capacity to help youth thrive in a PYD setting through the lens of a computer science (CS) pathway. Discover how an exploratory computer science activity can catalyze youth to nurture sparks, find belonging, build relationships and find their voice. In this virtual session, participants will learn how to apply the foundations of the 4-H Thriving model more broadly to 4-H programs and get a feel for the CS activities developed for Clover by 4-H.

Date: April 10
Location: Virtual

4-H PYD Virtual Academy

Building Youth Resilience, Purpose and Readiness through Positive Youth Development

The goal for every young person is that they are resilient, purposeful, and ready to navigate life’s challenges. Research shows that a positive youth development approach can help build these essential qualities in youth. This 3-day virtual academy consists of a daily keynote address, panel discussion, five capacity-building sessions and a reflection period. This academy is recommended for all 4-H professionals and those involved with other youth-serving organizations.

Date: May 7-9
Location: Virtual

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Helping Youth THRIVE

  • Sparks: Providing a place where youth can find and explore what sparks their interest.
  • Belonging: Creating spaces of belonging—where ALL kids feel welcome and physically and emotionally safe.
  • Relationships: Nurturing positive, supportive and empowering relationships between youth and adults and youth and their peers.
  • Engagement: Challenging and encouraging youth to pursue their own learning and growth. Promoting active engagement where youth have a voice.

In Partnership with PLWG and NAE4‑HYDP

PYD Academies are brought to you by the 4‑H Standing Committee on Positive Youth Development, a PLWG chartered committee. The purpose of the committee is to advance the science and research foundation of positive youth development across the 4‑H system. 4‑H PYD Academies are produced in collaboration with the National Association of 4-H Youth Development Professionals (NAE4-HYDP) and with the convening and financial support of National 4‑H Council.


For questions regarding PYD Academies, please contact Janet Golden.