Our Home:

GROW is dedicated to serving the hearts and lives of youth who have been involved in the justice system. As a full-service transition center, we make sure each person is given the continual love and support that they need. Through building strong relationships and outpouring our resources into them, they will experience a lasting transformation. Let us continue to mend together, build up, and restore each other.

Our Model:

GROW unifies resources within the  community all under one roof. Instead of justice-involved youth having to navigate the complexities of re-entry, we make it seamless for them. They will be given resources dedicated to their development such as: personal finance, mentorship, professional development, and employment opportunities. All they need is a stable home, with readily accessible support. When this is made available, amazing things happen.


Our Youth:

Our home will reside in the Greater Columbus, Ohio region. Services are provide to youth that aged 16-21 years old who all have been involved in the justice system. We do our best to ensure that those who live within our home have the familial or loving support they need.

Making Impact:

We are another step closer to eradicating youth homelessness and recidivism. When each youth leaves they will be fully equipped to live independently, become employed, seek higher education, and most of all,  pursue their dreams.